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Miele Type GN Replacement Filter Bag for 9153500 Cylinder Series

from Miele
Miele Type GN Replacement Filter Bag for 9153500 Cylinder Series from Miele

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Category: Houseware - Kitchen
Model: HyClean FJM
Availability: dispatched within 24 hours
Release Date: 06/06/2012

List Price: £12.55
Our Price: £10.12

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Miele GN Hyclean Dust Bags

Includes 4x HyClean 3D Efficiency Dustbags 1 Motor Filter and 1 Super Air Filter
First random spun bag with 3D effect
Longer life through HyClean dust bag 3D technology
Sidefolds ensure the slightest flow of air is sufficient to inflate the bag to its unique 3D form
Innovative soft structure - new material with same strength ensures uniform stability
Highest levels of efficiency even with vacuum cleaner on a low setting
The original Miele AirClean system - more than 99.9% filtration
Dust is held back in new noticeably softer material this is achieved with a new layering pattern
Entire volume of the bag is available - more dust capacity
Greater volume for granules and fibres
Automatic hygiene shutter
AirClean filter - for cleaner room air

These high performance dust bags have a built in Hygiene Filter that acts as a safety shutter to keep the dust in the bag. The bags neutralise odours and retains dust to improve suction.

- Suitable to fit S400i - S456i and S600 - S658 and S800 - S858 ranges

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